Powered by artificial intelligence, is a digital platform for the construction sector that provides real-time visibility and analytics on construction sites through videos, collected images and data in order to automate safety, and save time and money for construction developers.

From May 2017 to May 2018, hired me aboard their startup team as a Web Developer and Designer to design, build and enhance features for their dashboard and internal tools, as well as to contribute UX/UI deliverables for occasional B2B mobile applications.

  • Role: Front-end Developer, Designer
  • Tools Used: Sketch, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, D3 Library
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Project: The Green Initiative

The Green Initiative for was one of the more disclosable projects I worked on due to the confidential nature of most of their products. This feature's purpose was to raise users' awareness of the Greenhouse gases generated by the industrial realm, such as vehicle and machine operations. I was given much free reign in deciding how; what data to present, which existing API to use, and how to design the page before developing it with AngularJS and D3.

Below is a mockup I recreated with Illustrator that strips out confidential data & branding styles solely for presentation purposes on this portfolio, with sample code to follow. As displayed, the tool compares a day's estimated worth of greenhouse gases emitted by freight truck activity to the previous day.

Code Samples





Other projects I had the chance of working on included but were not limited to building canvas tools that could annotate existing images & videos using libraries such as FabricJS. Overall, my time with was very challenging but undoubtedly a great experience to hyper-learn and sharpen my abilities with JavaScript and the Angular framework. Other gains I had during my time there included honing my skills and understanding in:

  • Sprint planning & execution with the development team
  • Working closely with APIs on the front-end to post, edit & delete data
  • Operating Bower, Gulp and Git on the command line and collaborating through Github
  • Debugging more effectively before pushing to production
  • Producing UI designs, assets and UX deliverables such as user flows in Illustrator, Sketch and Invision